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Heinz LycklamaThis set of PowerPoint files is suitable for a creation apologetics course in a Sunday School or Christian school setting. The individual presentations make ideal  lessons (45-60 min) for students interested in learning more about the Creation/Evolution controversy from a biblical perspective. If used as a course, it is recommended that the following subjects be presented in the order given. These  presentations will help the believer defend the Bibleís teaching on Creation, and challenge the skeptic to take an honest look at what the Bible and science have to say about creation.

Download All 15 Presentations - (20.2MB ZIP file). To save ZIP or PPT files, right-click and choose "save target as".

  1. What is the Controversy and Why Does it Matter? - (intro.ppt)
  2. Is the Bible Reliable Scientifically? - (bibrel.ppt)
  3. Archaeology and the Biblical Record - (archaeology.ppt)
  4. What Does the Bible Say About Creation? - (bibcreat.ppt)
  5. The Evidence for a Global Flood - (flood.ppt)
  6. What Does Science Science Say About Creation? Part 1: Life Sciences - (scicreat.ppt)
  7. What Does Science Science Say About Creation? Part 2: Astronomy and Physical Sciences  - (scicreat2.ppt)
  8. What Does Science Science Say About Creation? Part 3: Earth Sciences - (scicreat3.ppt)
  9. Evidence for a Young World - (young.ppt)
  10. Compromising Theories - (compromises.ppt)
  11. Intelligent Design - (design.ppt) (online video)
  12. Icons of Evolution - (ten-icons.ppt) (online video)
  13. Godís Incredible Creatures - (creatures.ppt)
  14. What is the Impact of Evolution on Our Society? - (impact.ppt)
  15. How Then Should We As Christians Respond? - (response.ppt)

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